Wind River Simics Product Overview

Electronic systems are becoming increasingly complex, with multiple processor architectures, multilayered software stacks, and more connectivity. With more connections comes additional security risk, which needs to be tested thoroughly. Compounding the challenge is the fact that developers have turned to DevOps and continuous development practices to meet customer and company expectations for quick deliveries. Such methodologies rely on fast iterations for test, feedback, and deployment. Collaborative and cross-functional teams need tools to communicate and share a common development baseline.

Wind River® Simics® allows developers to have on-demand access to any target system at any time. It enables more efficient collaboration between developers and quality assurance teams. Simics provides an automation API, enabling organizations to reap the business benefits of DevOps and continuous development practices to create and deliver better, more secure software, faster—even for complex, embedded, connected, and large IoT systems.

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