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Wind River Platform for Android

For operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and device manufacturers using open source Android for their next devices, Wind River offers Wind River Platform for Android. This commercial platform includes the following:

  • CTS-compliant Android, tested, validated, documented, and optimized for leading hardware providers to unlock the hardware's potential
  • Best-in-class commercial software components and products, pre-integrated with Android, from select leading providers
  • An automated software test framework that is compatible and integrated with the Android CTS (compliance test suite)
  • Full platform support from Wind River's award-winning global support network for the end-customer solution

In addition, Wind River offers customization services for the following:

  • Operators, to integrate signature applications into a reference stack
  • OEMs, to shift the development burden to development areas that deliver more differentiation
  • Device manufacturers, to offer Android development and integration expertise that may not be found in your teams today

Building an Android-Based Device with Wind River

Wind River's commercial platform approach injects predictability into the typical Android project and allows the OEM to focus on areas in the development process where true differentiation and innovation can occur.

Wind River starts by validating and testing the open source Android base software, using a rigorous process that leverages Wind River Framework for Automated Software Testing along with tens of thousands of open source, proprietary, and Android CTS test cases.

We add in optimizations for market-leading hardware, such as the TI OMAP34xx and OMAP36xx platforms, Intel Atom, and Qualcomm Snapdragon, including enhanced board support packages (BSPs), optimized hardware acceleration, and boot-time acceleration.

We extend the Android platform with value-added features such as a factory reset capability, to erase all user data and reload the original kernel and system image, and an extended application framework, to more easily enable operator customizations.

Wind River also enhances the standard Android user interface and applications, including customization.

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Wind River in the Open Handset Alliance

Wind River has been an active leader in Open Handset Alliance activities since April 2007, even before its formal announcement in November 2007. Wind River was the first Linux Commercialization Partner in the OHA. Since then, Wind River has worked with operators, OEMs, and semiconductor providers to architect, develop, and deliver Android-based products. Wind River has worked on virtually all leading mobile silicon that has been enabled or optimized for Android.

Also, Wind River has made important contributions back to the OHA in such key technology areas as ALSA, V4L2 integration, hardware abstraction layer, testing and compliance, and general bug fixes.

Building Android Applications – Read All About It
Rick Rogers, Senior Member of Technical Staff in Wind River's mobile business unit, put his Android expertise to paper. Working with fellow writers John Lombardo, Zigurd Mednieks, and Blake Meike, Rogers penned Android Application Development: Programming with the Google SDK. The book, published by O'Reilly Media provides the concepts and code you need to develop market-winning software with Android. Android Application Development introduces the Android programming environment and includes vivid examples of Android's APIs.

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