Windows as a host for Linux development?

Here’s something I’m trying to decide as I work through the ultimate
development environment for a Linux based "OpenConsole" (and to be
clear, I’m talking about set top box class consoles, not mobile). As I
mentioned in previous blog entries, I’ve figured out how to extend qemu
to do OpenGL calls on the host and present a PCI interface to the guest
to make those calls. All I need is a Linux driver and user space
library to use that interface and present the OpenGL (or OpenGL ES)
interface to applications that can do games, or what have you.

figure Linux is a natural host development environment for the device
driver. You need to reuse the kernel build system to build it and from
what I understand, that build system doesn’t work on Windows, not even
with Cygwin. So that’s a lock, and I can use the Linux version of CDT
to build it.

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