Wind River Introduces Acceleration Program to Fast Track Customers’ Software ROI

Wind River Introduces Acceleration Program to Fast Track Customers’ Software ROI


I am pleased to announce the introduction of the Wind River® Acceleration Program designed to expedite our customers’ return on their software investment and drive successful technology adoption. With a laser focus on our customers’ business outcomes, as a company we are reinventing the way we engage with our customers and taking a proactive support approach to everything from understanding their business goals to anticipating their engineers’ needs.

Now is a pivotal time as many industries and companies are moving toward or undergoing a digital transformation, and at Wind River we are excited to play an instrumental role in helping transform our customers’ businesses to deliver on the promise of a software-defined world. Crucial to this transformation is ensuring that our customers fully utilize and capitalize on their software’s benefits in order to achieve their desired business outcomes faster.

Our Acceleration Program offers tiered plans that allow customers to select the package that best aligns with their specific business success needs. Whether building a small proof of concept, meeting a critical deadline for a major product release or driving a new technology initiative across multiple sites, customers can choose the support level needed to find successful adoption and realize a return on their software investment more quickly.

For example, in addition to proactive support, training and services, the Gold and Platinum plans feature a designated Customer Success Manager for customers that require a more holistic solution or high-touch strategic partnership. A Customer Success Manager is a subject matter expert that guides successful technology adoption and drives time to value with less risk by:

  • Collaboratively developing plans to achieve business goals and deliver ROI
  • Proactively monitoring the project’s health, identifying and mitigating issues early
  • Developing specific processes and plans based on in-depth knowledge of the customer’s operating environment and business objectives
  • Providing an expert resource for sharing best practices and collaborative strategizing

For nearly 40 years, Wind River has been a trusted partner in helping technology leaders power the safest, most secure devices in the world. In fact, we have achieved Service Capability and Performance (SCP) certification, the recognized gold standard for delivering world-class customer support. Needless to say, we know what it takes to find success in the software-defined world and are excited to fast track our customers’ path to achieving their business goals.

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