Wind River at MILCOM 2016

Wind River at MILCOM 2016


This week the Wind River A&D team will be at MILCOM 2016 at the Baltimore Convention Center in downtown Baltimore, MD.  Wind River will be in booth #6006 and will showcase our latest technologies for building the foundations of next generation military communications using tactical clouds and secure tactical communications.

We will be demonstrating our two flagship products – Wind River VxWorks with Virtualization Profile and Wind River Titanium Server.

The VxWorks demonstration will include our Wind River Workbench solution that combines an open development environment with robust real-time embedded debugging capabilities.  The runtime systems will virtualize both VxWorks and Wind River Linux as unmodified guest operating systems running on an Intel® Xeon Broadwell DE processor that has advanced hardware virtualization IP that safely and securely enables and separates the guest OS environments.   In addition this system will include CoreAVI Safety Critical OpenGL graphics demonstrating high throughput under high video and processing loads.

Wind River’s Titanium Server is the leading OpenStack-based cloud platform designed for high network performance, tight security, and 6-nines’s availability.  It runs on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers from numerous vendors, and is built upon hardened open technologies, including Wind River Linux, OpenStack, and the Intel Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).  It is specifically designed to detect and circumvent server, NIC, virtual appliance, and application failures and is designed to minimize downtime to less than 32 seconds per year.   Titanium Server supports high performance networking, and abstracts the workloads from the hardware using an accelerated virtual switch, and virtual NIC interfaces.  It also supports automatic workload scaling to adapt to traffic surges, and idle periods.

The Titanium Server Use-Case demonstrations include:

  • Service Chain network throughput performance
  • Automatic up/down CPU scaling to address traffic surges and idle times
  • Virtual Appliance Live Migration – move workloads across servers
  • Host Evacuation – kill a server, and watch the virtual appliances automatically move to other servers (self-healing)
  • Hot Patching – add or remove patches dynamically
  • Virtual Appliance failure detection and recovery in less than 1 second.

These two products anchor Wind River’s industry-leading capabilities for building next generation tactical cloud foundations.

The entire A&D team looks forward to you visiting our booth #6006 at MILCOM this year.

See you there!