Wi-Fi Direct Permeating Personal Area Networking


Did you hear it?

Wi-Fi Alliance launches a specification
called Wi-Fi Direct that allows WLAN (Wireless LAN) devices to connect
directly without an Access Point in between. Well, well, this appears
to be a war of worlds between the WLAN and Bluetooth camps because this
surely will fit the use cases of Bluetooth users. Does this also mean
the end of WLAN Access Points (AP)? That's yet to be seen.

WLAN technology, as you might be aware of, offers two types of WLANs:
'Ad Hoc' and 'Infrastructure'. The 'Ad Hoc', termed as IBSS
(Independent Basic Service Set), allows two WLAN stations to talk to
each other directly. In other words, this is technology that exists
today. So, what's the new hoopla around Wi-Fi Direct.

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