Why engineers are "immune" to marketing messages...

On Friday, I read Rob McCammon’s blog entry titled The Right Requirements Plus Good Advice Result in Better Solutions Faster. The message is "don’t simply trust requirements, figure out what the real problem is and find a solution for the problem with the help of others". But the real interesting thing is the message behind the message, something about marketing in general. But before you continue reading, read Rob’s original posting (because I will bias you…)

The message behind the message is a message about marketing, that
usually only engineers "hear". It is the reason why many engineers are
"immune" to marketing messages. I read the blog two days ago, and the
only thing I remember about the blog entry was: "why did Rob need a
neighbor to see a generator was the best way to go?". I know Rob. He is
a real bright guy. So, why did he need his neighbor?

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