What would I do without CDT

While waiting for my VOBs to sync from Salburg to Ottawa, I thought I’d
poke around qemu to figure out exactly what I would need to do to add a
PCI device. Apparently, there’s very little, if any, documentation on
how to do that. And I even saw one response to a similar query that
told the guy to go look at the source. So I did.

started by grabing the source for the latest qemu release 0.9.1. I
created a CDT Makefile project and untared the release into the project
directory. I created an External Tool to run configure with the options
I wanted and then I did a project build which ran the resulting
makefiles. So far so good. Looking at the Includes folder on the
project, I see it caught the mingw gcc standard headers as well as my
project as an include path.

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