Wascana 1.0 in Alpha Testing

Well, that didn’t take very long. I’ve spent a few hours building my
special p2 artifact repository that manages installed files, including
extracting them from an archive and deleting at uninstall time, along
with it’s associated p2 touchpoint that hooks it all up. It’s not a lot
of code and you can see it in CDT’s CVS space (repo: /cvsroot/tools,
module: org.eclipse.cdt/p2).

also created a generator that creates p2 repositories that use that
touchpoint to install remote artifacts from various locations, mostly
on SourceForge. Currently I only have support for the MinGW toolchain
and the MSYS shell environment. I’ll add libraries as I build them with
the 4.2.3 compiler I’m using here. I’ll start with SDL and also do
wxWidgets and boost. We can always add more later.

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