VxWorks 6.9: A foundation for Innovation


We just announced our latest major release of VxWorks 6.9 as the foundation for innovation in embedded software. What do we mean by this? There are two main aspects to this concept. Firstly, developers don't usually get enough time to innovate and work on differentiating features in a product (whiz bang capabilities that make the product stand out). Instead, they are working on platform issues, struggling to get software working on their hardware, debugging low level issues, quality and stability issues. Secondly, innovation and differentiation requires leveraging leading edge technology – leverage other innovation for your innovation. Developers need a software platform that's up to the hardware platform they've chosen.

Reliable Commercial Solutions

How does VxWorks and Wind River help you innovate? Quite simply its by letting you concentrate on the important parts of the system – the software that implements the features and capabilities that make your product better than your competitors.

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