VxWorks 6.8: Broadening our horizons

Today marks the announcement of our latest VxWorks release, version 6.8. It's difficult to summarize a major release for VxWorks because there are so many parts to a modern RTOS – it's not just a kernel anymore. Therefore, I'm going to do a series of posts that hopefully cover some of the highlights of the release. For customers interested in all the details, our online support site has that covered.

If I was going to highlight one thing for this release, it would be the significant increase in processor support for new multicore chips. The post title was chosen for this reason, we are broadening the horizons of our multicore solution with each release to keep pace with the hottest new embedded platforms. VxWorks 6.8 adds support for ARM 11 MPCore and Cortex A9, Cavium Octeon CN3xxx and CN5xxx, RMI XLR and XLS, Freescale QorIQ P2020 and Intel Core i7. This list is really a who's who of multicore processors and for a significant set of major processor architectures – ARM, Intel Architecture, Power PC, and MIPS.

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