Vulcan Returns to the Skies

I’ve been trying to keep track of aerospace news recently by using using various Google Alerts and subscribing to news feeds, but one story I nearly missed during the build up to the the Dubai Air Show the story ‘Vulcan bomber returns to the sky‘ (BBC News). This relates to a team of enthusiasts at Vulcan to the Sky Trust who have spent ten years restoring a Vulcan bomber (WingWeb) to flight, and have successfully flown it again.

XJ824 Vulcan B2A

I have to admit that I am a bit of a fan of the Vulcan, probably because of its distinctive delta-wing design, which happened to be fortuitously stealthy and gave it an agile appearance.

(This picture is one of XJ824 Vulcan which I took at Duxford in 2005, not the XH558 Vulcan which is flying again).

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