Time ripe for a Linux console?

I was watching my son the other day on our XBOX 360 that’s tucked
nicely in our cabinet under the TV with our DVD player, digital cable
box, and receiver. He was playing Halo 3, which looks great on our LCD
HDTV, BTW. He’d break out once in a while and go back to the Dashboard
and send a text message to a buddy then go back into the game and use
the headset connected to his controller to talk about his school day
with another buddy he was shooting at. It’s incredible how far consoles
have come from the old Atari boxes we had when we were kids. Now
they’re these multi-processing entertainment centers and communication
devices that hook our kids up to the rest of the world.

also interesting how he’s migrated away from our PC over to the XBOX.
That could be because our PC is getting old and the 360 is actually a
more powerful machine. But, still there are still things you can’t do
on it.

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