Time for Distributed Source Control is Now

Imagine this scenario. You’re part of a small team that’s been
following the CDT closely and have adopted it as the IDE for your
commercial platform. You grab the CDT source at times convenient to
your product deliver schedule and work on a local copy fixing bugs you
find as you go through product testing. You’re not a committer but you
do submit patches from time to time and hope that the CDT team picks
them up. But they’re often busy with their own delivery schedules and
the patches often grow stale and fall off everyone’s radar.

you live with your CDT fork and struggle every time you have to update
to a new CDT version, so you don’t do that very often. And since you’re
busy struggling in that environment, you really don’t end up with time
to get more involved with the CDT. You are a small team and you only
have so much time in the day. You run into Doug once in a while at the
Eclipse conferences and talk about what you do and promise you’ll
figure out some way to get more involved, but he knows your story too
well and doesn’t put much faith in it despite his appreciate for your

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