The Plug-in Fest is coming!

As if we didn’t already have our hands full with EclipseCon, the next event is on the horizon: the Eclipse Plug-in Fest for Embedded and Mobile Products. The inaugural Plug-in Fest
was held in January last year at Symbian’s offices in London, and it
was a great success. This year, I’m pleased to announce that Wind River
will be hosting the event in our Sunnyvale, CA office.

last year, we’re expecting at least 20 companies and projects to
participate in two days of product integration testing. In addition of
many commercial Eclipse-based products from the device software
development space, the projects leads from CDT and several of the DSDP projects will also be present. This event is for engineers only (although we are letting Ian come), and it’s designed to diagnose and solve plug-in integration problems on-site.

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