The Mythical “One Size Fits All”

The Mythical “One Size Fits All”

Jeff Fortin 5

If you’re like me, when you see the tag, “One Size Fits All,” your first reaction is, “well that won’t fit me.” I believe the same is true in the world of IoT. There are many claiming they have the “one” solution, but I also see the same reaction from customers, “well that won’t fit me.”  That’s exactly why I’m so excited about the news that together with Intel we are offering the one thing that everybody agrees is needed in IoT, and that is choice.

With the vast number of systems and applications, no one solution can meet the needs for all of IoT. The better strategy is to allow the right technology to match the needs of the system. Intel and Wind River have done this, and offer not just one IoT end-to-end solution, but many. With software from the Wind River Helix product portfolio and Intel Security, along with strong partner relationships, we have the broadest IoT offering out there that can be used in vast array of applications including smart city, healthcare, smart home, smart manufacturing, energy management and retail. Offering scalable solutions from the Intel Quark* processor all the way to Intel Core*, matching performance, cost and functionality to target the right technology for the job.

For the next generation of the Intel IoT Gateway product family, we will be offering flexibility and choice around the technology, as well as business models offering a low cost deployment offering for gateways that simply want to take advantage of an open source approach. In addition, we will offer commercial solutions that enhance the value of open source for IoT.

Specifically, the latest gateway reference design offers expanded choice in silicon and software with the addition of Intel Core processor-based gateways and Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT 3 with flexible packaging options for applications that require a low cost of entry.

IoT is not a “one size fits all” situation. We have the IoT solutions that are tailored to fit your IoT requirements to transform and optimize your business.