The Internet of Things: Work Smarter, Get to Market Quicker—Part 1

The manufacturing industry is evolving quickly, and it’s always an eye-opening experience to learn firsthand from experts what’s happening on the factory floor. As in many sectors, the Internet of Things (IoT) is providing factories with a wide range of optimization and business transformation opportunities. I recently had the chance to connect with two experts from Intel and Wind River to discuss the latest innovations in manufacturing and critical infrastructure, including workload and system consolidation, and the benefits of virtualization.

In our newest two-part video interview series, Tim Appleton, Business Development Manager, IoT Group, Intel, and Mark Hermeling, Director of Product Management, Embedded Division, Wind River, share some great insights, anecdotes, and tips for industrial systems designers and developers.

Tim and Mark have a great sense of how to approach issues and solve problems. I particularly enjoyed their back-and-forth about how companies can start taking advantage of system consolidation today. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:


“[With system consolidation], you have a much more elegant solution and a much more simplified solution [for] industrial applications or factories or the critical infrastructure, because you have less equipment to  manage and secure and maintain.”

– Tim Appleton, Business Development Manager, Internet of Things Group, Intel


“If I have three devices with three network cables, and three switches, and three power supplies, and all that type of stuff combined,all of these things can break individually. But if I can take these pieces of hardware and integrate them on a single piece of hardware, you’ve removed complexity.”

Mark Hermeling, Director of Product Management, Embedded Virtualization, Wind River

Check out the video and stay tuned for Part 2 of the conversation for more insights on how Internet of Things technology is propelling the factory floor into the future. In the meantime, you can learn more about Intel® Industrial Solutions and Intel® IoT Solutions, and join the conversation via Facebookand Twitter.

Original post published on IoT@Intel blog.

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