The Future of Wascana

For those that don’t know, I’ve been working on the side on a complete open source IDE distribution for Windows called Wascana Desktop Developer.
It includes the CDT and the MinGW tool chain and a handful of libraries
that enable cross platform development. I did the original “beta”
release over a year ago and have over 12,000 downloads to date. But
it’s getting long in the tooth and I really need to respin with
Ganymede Eclipse/CDT and gcc 4.x.

The question I’m dealing with
now is what Wascana should look like going forward. My Wind River team
and I are just wrapping up a p2-based installer for our Wind River
products that are similar to Wascana but on a much bigger scale and
targeting our Wind River platforms. We’ve learned a lot about how to
extend p2 to manage the install, update, and removal of archived binary
files into an install tree.

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