Simplifying the Development of Industrial Solutions

Simplifying the Development of Industrial Solutions


Embedded virtualization is one of the hot topics in industrial automation and control systems. It involves taking a hardware board, running a virtualization layer on top of it and then consolidating multiple operating systems on top of that. It provides a lot of benefits around reduced complexity in the field, reduced footprint, reduced cost and flexibility in product lines.

Another hot topic is reducing lead time, or time-to-money. Embedded systems can sometimes be challenging to build as they involve many different types of technologies, from processor selection, to IO selection, to operating system and so forth. Lead time translates to cost for people that build embedded systems.

Intel® has just announced a groundbreaking offering that combines the latest in processing power, security and embedded virtualization in a single, pre-validated platform tackling both reduced lead time and system consolidation through embedded virtualization.

Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series uses the 4th generation of Intel Core processors, Wind River operating systems (both VxWorks and Wind River Linux), Wind River Virtualization Profile for VxWorks, and McAfee’s Embedded Control to allow embedded system vendors to get to market instantly. The platform is not only development-ready, it is also launch-ready, all you need to add is your applications. You can start developing from day one and as soon as you are done you can launch your product.

The first system available that is based on this platform is a hardware solution from Contec DTx.  I look forward to seeing more of our customers deliver great solutions to the market in a very short time frame using this offering.

Video: Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series