Should Wascana get Qt?

I've been working on my EclipseCon talk and tutorial, which I'm really
looking forward to now. Especially the talk where I hope to share some
of the things I learned being involved with the CDT project for almost
seven years now. And I'm hopeful it's useful to others working in open
source, especially the things that didn't work as well as I hoped…

while doing that, I've started playing with Qt, which was recently
released with LGPL as one of the choices for licensing. That eliminates
one of the hurdles I have for including it into Wascana, my CDT for
Windows distribution. So now the question is, should I include it?
Should I also keep wxWidgets? Since the Wascana plan is to become a
p2-based distribution, there should be no harm in having both. It's
just that I don't use wxWidgets so I'm not sure whether what I'm
producing works or not.

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