Serving Windows Files from a Simics Quick-Start Platform


Windows file sharing has always felt a bit magical to me. I use it all the time, certainly, but I never quite understood how it worked; it was just this big chunk of Microsoft protocol that felt like it really did not want to talk to other types of operating systems. Sure, I have used the open-source "samba" server for a long time with great success… but it always seemed to suffer from issues with access rights (probably the fault of me and server setup and mixing Unix and Windows accounts, not a fault in the server itself).

With this background, I was really delighted and surprised


when  I managed to almost effortlessly get a Simics target to share and serve files to my Windows host. A big-endian Power Architecture QSP target at that, running VxWorks, how cool isn’t that? The key to the puzzle was the Visuality NQ Server from Visuality Systems Ltd. in Israel. It just worked, and let me try some interesting and educational setups.

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