Security Must be Built In…Or Else

AJ Shipley Blog Photo

Security cannot be bolted on, it must be built in.  This statement proves to be especially true when considering the recent hack of the New York Times, where during a four-month long cyberattack by Chinese hackers, the company's antivirus system from Symantec missed 44 of the 45 pieces of malware installed by attackers on the network.  Cases like this highlight the danger of relying on a single security product to keep you safe from hackers.  According to a written statement by Symantec, "Advanced attacks like the ones the New York Times described underscore how important it is for companies, countries and consumers to make sure they are using the full capability of security solutions. Antivirus software alone is not enough."

As evidenced with incidents like this, products need to be developed that combine multiple layers of security to keep the “bad guys” out of customer systems, and to also minimize the danger and exposure to device resources and data if they do get in.

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