scitopia supersearch

Sometimes when I am writing technical papers and articles I want to
check whether there are any recent scholarly articles on the topic. The
easiest (or perhaps that should be laziest?) thing to do of course is to use Google web search,
but this often returns an exhaustive list of results, it’s often quite
hard to find articles amongst the vast number of results. Fortunately,
as my wife is a librarian, she has been able to point me in the right
direction – both Google Scholar and British Library Direct being sources which I have found useful.

However, I’ve just been alerted to a new resource called
which is a free search tool that lets users find newly published
research almost immediately and enables easy searching of multiple
sites with one search request. offers users a federated vertical search service
to retrieve the content provided by its partner scholarly societies,
including recently published articles as well as digitized content that
goes back as far as 1884.

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