"Space… the final frontier" is how the pre-recorded message from NASA to the crew of Discovery started this morning.

This afternoon while covering the final departure of Discovery from the ISS, the newsman said "Remarkable – a remarkable bit of technology and a lasting mark on history" – or something to that effect. I thought "Remarkable" – that's a word Spock used to describe fantastic new technologies that had never been seen before. Things like Ion Drive in an autonomous space probe, or a life form that lives on something we'd considered impossible.

Some remarkable technologies demonstrated recently in the news include things like Northrop Gruman's X47B UCAS, and the comet flybys of Stardust NExT and DI Epoxi, and ongoing announcements of potentially hundreds of earth-like planets being found by Kepler Space Telescope.

One of the remarkable technologies just delivered to the ISS by Discovery is Robonaut R2.

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