Qt 4.5 Full of Surprises

Qt 4.5 was released today. As expected, it comes with the adoption of the LGPL license which
should make Qt free for commercial development if you so choose. I
think this will be a huge boost to the adaptability of Qt and hopefully
make an impact in the Gnome versus KDE Linux desktop wars (mind you the
KDE gang are really shot themselves in the foot when they released 4.x
as a planned regression from 3.x).

There were a couple of big
surprises that came with the release announcement. First was the
discontinuation of Qt’s embedded product, formerly and lovingly known
as Qtopia, the best product name in the business ;). The plan I
understand is to fold that functionality into the Qt mainline releases
with the intention of making Qt a truely cross platform API for both
desktop and mobile. And they’ve started by introducing an OpenGL ES
paint engine into this release, which if I understand correctly will
allow you to use Qt to create apps for mobile devices now.

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