Openstack…the next big thing!

Openstack…the next big thing!


Continuing our ongoing efforts to advance open source innovation, Wind River is keeping busy with new OpenStack activities.

Wind River has spent years of hard work in the Linux space to further grow adoption and innovation across the embedded industry. Add to that, we’ve contributed to the inception and development of an open ecosystem for building Linux devices with the creation of the Yocto Project. Most recently, we’ve also delivered an open virtualization technology that enhances KVM and brings it to new levels of performance and scalability to boost its adoption in rapidly changing markets.

Now, Wind River working on the next big thing – OpenStack. Our customers can look to us to bridge the enterprise world with the embedded one – starting from networking core and edge devices – and we’re up to the challenge! For more information, check out a recent development shared with the Yocto Project mailing list below:

Subject: [meta-virtualization] [Announce]: meta-cloud-services and OpenStack integration

Hi all,

I’d like to share some work that we’ve been doing at Wind River around cloud and clustering, in particular, bringing the OpenStack Grizzly release [] to the OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project ecosystem.

All of the major OpenStack Grizzly components (and their dependencies) are part of this integration:

– OpenStack Networking (Quantum)

– OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)

– OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)

– OpenStack Identity (Keystone)

– OpenStack Image Service (Glance)

– OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)

For the full announcement, keep reading at:

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