Open Source Handhelds

Quite a while ago now I posted about the open source gaming device
from Korea know as the GP2X. At the end of the day, it ended up with a
storied history and while I love the concept of a handheld mobile
device for which you can write your own applications, their execution
as a company out side of Korea wasn’t that great and only a distributor
in the UK was able to make any kind of splash with it.

At any rate, I found on Slashdot that they have announced a new generation
of the product called the Wiz. The links lead you to the UK site and a
big JPEG of the brochure in English. The specs look pretty good, ARM9
processor at 533MHz, 3D accelerated graphics, Linux of course, and
support for audio and video making it a pretty cool multimedia gaming
machine, for which you can write your own applications. And hopefully
they’ll be a bit more successful at delivering it than the last one.

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