NFV and Shanghai – Much In Common

NFV and Shanghai – Much In Common


I recently returned from an ETSI NFV event in Shanghai – a focused meeting of the IFA (Interfaces and Architecture) Working group.  IFA is easily the largest working group in NFV Phase 2, and it is itself subdivided into three related streams.  Without going into a lot of detail, the mission for the IFA group is to further refine select architectural topics raised in NFV Phase one, define sets of normative requirements for many of the key interfaces, and to develop a framework and methodology for the use of ‘accelerator’ technology in NFV.

While I was in Shanghai I couldn’t help but notice the ongoing frenetic pace of construction in the city.   In every direction you turn you see a dozen or more cranes, buildings being raised up, and heavy equipment moving around; work is in progress everywhere.  What an appropriate place to hold an ETSI NFV meeting!

I’ve been a member of the Wind River ETSI team since early 2013, and it seems to me that the pace and intensity in NFV is greater than ever.  The leadership team has set aggressive schedules for the workgroups to produce results; results that can be published and consumed quickly by related groups such as OPNFV, and projects such as OpenStack and KVM (into each of which Wind River already contributes).  Every week it seems like the number of fresh contributions to review has set a new record – there’s simply that much going on!

By collaborating with these groups and projects, by contributing our expertise and experience, Wind River ensures our customers’ investments in products such as Titanium Server, Open Virtualization Profile and Carrier Grade Linux are protected, and our products remain competitive and compliant.

We are committed to open standards and open source is a part of our ‘DNA’ as a company; ongoing support of these initiatives and projects will ensure an open, level playing field for everyone.

Wind River is not only paying attention to all this “construction” that’s underway in the NFV community, we’re a part of it!