Next-Generation Applications and The Device Food Chain

2006 is in the home stretch. Only a week or so left and we can ring
in 2007. December was a busy month for me: sales training, customer
meetings in Europe and finally, the release of our full product line updates
delivered late last week. We’ve accomplished a lot this year and I look
forward to continuing the momentum when we kick off FY08 in February.

As Chief Marketing Officer of Wind River, one frequently-asked question I get…A LOT…is: “How big is the DSO
market?” This question has become one of my favorites to answer because
there are so many mind-shattering things happening in just about every
segment of device category available to end users. I try to explain how
the potential size of the DSO market is directly linked to the growth
of the unquestionable explosion of demand for next-generation
applications and services.

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