New Project Lead for Device Debugging

I’m excited to announce a project leadership change in the Device Debugging (DD) sub-project of DSDP.  As voted
by the DSDP PMC, Pawel Piech from Wind River Systems will take over
leadership of the project. Why the change? Since the inception of DSDP
in June 2005, I’ve been wearing two hats: PMC lead for DSDP and Project
Lead for Device Debugging. I’m very pleased with what DD has
accomplished over the past couple of years, but in order for DD to
reach a 1.0 release and exit incubation, it needs a dedicated project
lead. The growth
of DSDP has far exceeded my expectations, and with additional DSDP
subproject proposals coming this year, I need additional time to focus
on DSDP as the PMC lead.

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