More details on Nokia’s use of Wind River Titanium Cloud in AirFrame Data Center Solution

More details on Nokia’s use of Wind River Titanium Cloud in AirFrame Data Center Solution


As service providers plan for Cloud Radio Access Network (Cloud-RAN) deployments, the stringent capacity and latency requirements of mobile radio access technologies drive the need for an extremely powerful cloud infrastructure, tailored for real-time performance. To meet these challenging goals with their AirFrame Cloud-RAN solution, Nokia selected the Wind River Titanium Cloud portfolio of virtualization software.

The collaboration between Nokia and Wind River was first announced in 2015 (“Wind River Titanium Cloud Validated on Nokia AirFrame Data Center Solution”). At that time, the two companies explained that with the AirFrame Data Center Solution, telecom service providers realize the full promise of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). This includes use cases such as the relocation of radios from the field to data centers by using virtualized radio clouds, reducing operating expenses (OPEX) and accelerating the delivery of new services. The Titanium Cloud virtualization platform delivers the carrier grade reliability and low latency required for telecom infrastructure, while also providing best-in-class Virtual Machine (VM) density for Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and thereby maximizing the OPEX savings achieved by service providers.


Now there’s much more information available on how Nokia is leveraging the Titanium Cloud platform to meet critical business and technical goals for the AirFrame Data Center Solution. Nokia and Wind River just published a solution brief, available here, that discusses the key challenges for Cloud-RAN and explains how the integrated solution addresses them.

The solution brief discusses how Nokia’s solution, which comprises Titanium Cloud platform software running on AirFrame Data Center Solution hardware, has been proven to achieve best-in-class performance in the areas below that are critical for the cost-effective deployment of NFV:

  • VNFs powered by accelerated hardware
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Holistic cloud management and security solutions
  • Best cost and power efficiency

In the solution brief, you’ll also learn how Nokia is leveraging Open Compute Platform (OCP) principles to achieve hardware optimization, reduced footprint, lower energy consumption and enhanced serviceability.

In summary, Nokia’s integrated AirFrame Data Center Solution, leveraging the Wind River Titanium Cloud platform, enables service providers to maximize their return on investment as they introduce Cloud-RAN.

This new solution brief provides fascinating insights into this industry-leading solution for Cloud-RAN. We encourage you to download it here and learn more about how Nokia and Wind River have collaborated to deliver breakthrough business benefits to service providers.