Moblin and Linux Foundation - A Mature Move

If you have been following the Moblin project at all, then you probably
know that recently the Linux Foundation announced they will be hosting
the Moblin open source project, which was previously hosted directly by
Intel. At the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco
last week one of the attendees asked me why LF would host Moblin, and
that it did not seem like a natural fit. Actually, that is not the case
at all, it is a perfect fit for both organizations. First of all, Intel
had to let the project go and let it become more mainstream. This is
necessary because if they really want the broad base of developers to
adopt it, it cannot be seen as too Intel or architecture specific. Let
me say up front, Intel is one company that really understands how to
manage and contribute to open source projects. But it is also a great
fit for Linux Foundation. Remember that the legacy of Linux Foundation
dates back to the Open Source Development Labs, which focused on
industry specific workgroups like Mobile Linux, Desktop Linux and
Carrier Grade Linux. The Linux Foundation fosters and supports all
flavors of Linux adoption and proliferation, not just bread-and-butter
enterprise Linux. LF understands that the next big wave of Linux
adoption will come from devices, not IT servers, and what bigger market
for Linux than consumer mobile devices!  The Linux Foundation is well
established, well funded and Moblin and LF have agreement on how to
work with the community, move technology up stream and generally
progress the project. And Intel is still very commit ed and adding
resources to the project. So this is a natural and strategic move for
both organizations.

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