MinGW frustrations

Um, yeah, Wascana 1.0 keeps slipping. Work has been very busy leaving
little time for me to work on it, but that should be clearing up in the
next few weeks (I hope!). But as I did my testing for the release
candidate of CDT 5.0.2, as I expected, I ran headlong into the gdb 6.8
issue that everyone seems to run into. I don’t know how many people I
see on my Feedjit log searching for: “gdb eclipse No source available
for “ntdll!LdrAccessResource()”. And I hope those people now find this
blog entry instead.

issue is that before gdb 6.8, there was no way to issue pending
breakpoints using the MI protocol we use to talk to gdb. I think it was
introduced in 6.7 from the CLI, but that doesn’t help us. To support
breakpoints in shared libraries, we need to keep retrying to set those
breakpoints on every shared library load event. That worked for many
years. But now, the break on shared library event in the MinGW gdb 6.8
really messes up the CDT. And it’s mainly because it doesn’t work in
gdb any more.

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