I am truly looking forward to MILCOM 2015 this week in Tampa, Florida.   Wind River will have a significant presence there showcasing our Wind River Helix portfolio with a wide range of demonstration platforms supporting the foundations of tactical clouds and secure tactical communications.

We will have our multi-level-secure (MLS) demonstration with our VxWorks MILS multi-core platform, demonstrating a high security, defense- in-depth, scalable architecture that robustly separates, monitors, and controls multiple operating systems and their inter-partition communications running on a single instance of Freescale silicon.

We will also have our Wind River Titanium Server platform for secure network function virtualization (NFV) for critical communications infrastructure. This platform enables the dynamic insertion of new virtualized network functions (VNFs) into a six-9s network uptime infrastructure running on Intel Xeon processors.

In addition, we will be demonstrating our flagship VxWorks 7 with Virtualization Profile and Wind River Workbench solution that combines an open development environment with a robust real-time virtualization runtime to enable safe and secure consolidation of multiple operating systems onto a single multi-core platform running on an Intel Core i7 processor.

We will also show the next generation technology for UAV ground control stations, based upon VxWorks 7.   Here we have created an open, standards-based partner solution stack that includes COTS software that is aligned with the FACE™ technical standard.   This entire COTS stack has optional RTCA DO-178C DAL certification evidence for accelerating time to certification.

And finally, we have the Wind River Simics solution demonstrating strategies to perform robust security testing and certification analysis for any microprocessor hardware combined with any input/output device.  Simics is ideal for analyzing system behavior in response to cybersecurity threats and attacks

This entire suite of industry-leading products rounds out complete Wind River Helix end-to-end solution for building next-generation tactical cloud foundations.   These solutions demonstrate:

  • Scalable and flexible system security with end-to-end integration
  • Security and robustness at every level of integration
  • Long term life cycle management of both devices and systems

Come visit us in Booth #207 to see firsthand. Hope to see you there!