Meet our Intern - Farhat Barsha

Meet our Intern - Farhat Barsha

Ever wondered what it is like interning at Wind River? Over the summer, Wind River welcomed over 50 interns who are joining us from Costa Rica, Canada, and the United States. Farhat is here to explain her experience as an intern.

Meet our intern: Farhat Barsha

Hello readers, my name is Farhat Lamia Barsha, and I am a second-year Ph.D. student at Tennessee Technological University. I joined the Wind River summer internship program in May 2022 as an AI/ML Developer Intern for Infrastructure as Code Research. I am currently working remotely from Tennessee. Aside from work, I enjoy traveling. Since coming to the U.S. in August 2021, I have visited six states!

Why Wind River?

I am currently working in the software engineering research area, and my goal is to join the technology industry after I receive my Ph.D. The opportunity to gain industry experience in my research area was what compelled me to apply at Wind River. I believe that joining Wind River will give me hands-on academic knowledge experience and keep me updated with the tech industry.

Interning at Wind River

My experience at Wind River has been amazing because I am learning about new tools and technologies every day, helping me improve my development skills. The project I am currently working on aligns with my area of research and is broadening the scope of my professional growth.

A typical day as an intern always starts with a cup of coffee. Before starting my work day, I set intentional goals for the day, which include tasks, meetings, and projects. Throughout the day, I try to meet the goals I set. I end my day meeting with my mentor, where we discuss problems, conduct pair programming, talk about the progress of my work, and plan future work. My mentor at Wind River is very helpful and guides me through any work challenges.

I have enjoyed being an intern at Wind River. The people, the company culture, and the projects make it a great company to work for. The Wind River employees are collaborative, making me more motivated and energized to work. I am constantly learning, and I am confident this work experience will help me in the future when I join the technology industry.