March 2009 Eclipse Board Meeting

While most EclipseCon attendees were enjoying the
excellent tutorials or participating in the annual Members Meeting, the
Eclipse Board was quietly having our quarterly face to face board
meeting. As usual, here is a brief summary of our meeting.

We said goodbye to elected Board Members stepping down at the end of
their terms: Robert Day, Mik Kersten, Jeff McAffer, Emma McGrattan and
Tracy Ragan. The committer reps would especially like to recognize our
fellow reps, Mik and Jeff. Jeff has been on the Board for several years
and has contributed extensively to the direction of Eclipse, both in
his project leadership and participation and at the Board level. I have
personally worked with Mik over the past year on committer issues, and
he is a strong community advocate, in addition to leading one of the
coolest projects at Eclipse, Mylyn.
To this year's re-elected Committer Reps, Chris Aniszczyk, myself (Doug
Gaff) and Ed Merks, we welcome newly-elected Boris Bokowski to our
ranks. Boris has a long history with Eclipse and will serve the
committer population well.

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