Making the World a Better Place, One Workday at a Time

Making the World a Better Place, One Workday at a Time

In this interview series, we spotlight employees from across Wind River and their unique stories and perspectives.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Kristi Mason (KM): My name is Kristi Mason, and I am a Senior Analyst - Desktop Support for Wind River’s IT Client Services. I have been with Wind River for 21 years. I have a big passion for helping people which is why after finishing my contract in the Army I’ve dedicated a big portion of my time to volunteering with Team Rubicon, a Veteran base  disaster response organization, and Ninos de Baja, an orphanage in Mexico

Q: What brought you to Wind River 21 years ago?

KM: I was referred to the company by an old boss. At the time I was hesitant to make the leap, however I realized very quickly that it was the right decision. The work environment was a big reason that I decided to come on board, but what kept me here was the people and my team. We have a phenomenal group of people working together, constantly having fun and enjoying each other's company every day. The leadership has always been very supportive as well, and any concerns are addressed immediately. I’ve seen many changes at Wind River since I’ve started, but I still love the company and what it stands for.

Q: What is the most important part to you about your work at Wind River?

KM: As I mentioned before, helping people and volunteering has always been extremely important to me. It is my purpose in life. I am incredibly proud to work for a company because of all the good it is doing in the world. I don’t think many people realize the kind of impact that Wind River has on technology and most industries. The world would simply not be the same if Wind River technology was taken out of the many products they are in. Medical technology, transportation, aerospace, you name it, and we are in those types of mission-critical systems. It wouldn’t be acceptable to encounter the dreaded blue screen in something that important, and the reason these machines rely on Wind River is that we are the best at what we do, at delivering software for mission-critical intelligent systems. What we are doing in this company makes the world a better place and that makes me so proud. For me personally, to be part of the IT Client Services, I feel like I am part of that impact. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that everything always works and works well, because we realize the impact that it has on the company and on our clients.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of your work at Wind River?

KM: Majority of my work is face-to-face, and the global COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on how I operate in my role. My day-to-day has become completely different. I still come into the office once a week, which I love, and I bring my three dogs with me to our beautiful campus in Alameda. However, I can certainly say that everything from the last year has impacted most aspects of daily work-life.

Q: How has Wind River been able to mitigate that impact?

KM: Wind River has put a huge emphasis on prioritizing work-life balance. And it hasn’t been just lip service either, our People Team has put quite a few programs in place to support employees’ emotional and physical well-being. Even more impressive in my opinion was having our executive leaders publicly express encouragement to take time off for yourself.

Q: What is something that makes Wind River special to you?

KM: Wind River is special to me because it provides me with a great deal of  opportunity to make a difference. Both in how Wind River provides space for me to pursue my passion for volunteering, as well as in how I make the world a better place through the work that Wind River does with its technologies. I don’t think I would be able to make the same kind of impact somewhere else as I do here.