Long Live the Benevolent Dictator

The last few weeks I’ve been nose to the grindstone finishing up our
first Wind River product release with a new p2-based installer. It’s
been a while since I’ve been involved in commercial development and,
though it’s been grueling and has taken me away from my CDT project
lead duties, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it looks
like we’ll be able to ship on time and with good quality, but maybe
without all the bells and whistles I had hoped for when we started.

good to work in the corporate structure again too. If there are any
decisions to be made, we have the processes and organization in place
to make sure those decisions get made and that all the loose ends get
tied up. It’s the only way to succeed. You need that structure to make
sure everyone is going in the same direction and has the same

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