Live from Amsterdam: Day 2 Observations from the 2006 Inaugural Open Source in Mobile Event

The audience was a little lighter today. I guess that’s to be expected since we are in Amsterdam and there just might be some other distractions this fun city has to offer.

Today’s sessions started out with a bang by continuing the fragmentation theme. The first two presenters were from .orgs focused on establishing standards in the mobile Linux industry: LiPS, (Linux in Phone Standards) followed by OSDL MLI, the Mobile Linux Initiative. These two .orgs communicated a noticeably different approach to solving the Linux mobile phone solution versus what we heard from the X Foundation yesterday.  It was interesting to hear both standards representatives zero in on the fact the Telco industry, as it stands today, was defined by standards. The LiPS representative even posed the very question I was pondering: “How can you have a Linux mobile phone without telecom standards?” Anyone out there who can offer up a compelling answer?  It was clear from the LiPS and OSDL MLI presentations that they have defined their focus areas and have created standards initiatives that are very complimentary to each other. LiPS is focusing on the middleware and application layers. OSDL MLI is focusing on the kernel.

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