LinuxHater, a touch of tough love

From now on, I defer all my opinions on the quality of the Linux
desktop and the open source projects that work on it to this guy, the LinuxHater. I started reading this blog after I ran across this article on the ‘Z’ via the ‘dot’ written by a guy from Google. It really hits home what both of them have to say.

hater shares some really honest opinions using some very colorful
language (warning – if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing) on
everything from how hard it is for his grandmother to get into Linux,
to how all the forking and duplication that’s going on FOSS community
is doing some serious harm to our ability to build up the Linux desktop
to compete with Mac and Windows. It’s a really funny read. And I have
to agree with the Google guy. Given how much the hater knows about what
he’s writing about, he’s really a Linux lover who desperately wants
Linux to succeed but is loosing his cool in frustration.

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