June Board Meeting

I’ve been an elected committer rep for 3 months now. Committers: thanks a lot for all this extra work!

all seriousness, I want to update the community on last week’s Eclipse
Board Meeting. As you know, some of the material covered in Board
meetings is confidential (especially financial stuff). However, most of
it is open and ends up being published in the minutes. Last week, the Board met in lovely Denver to cover the following topics:

  • New fee structure approval and Bylaw change vote discussion
  • Project reports from TPTP and BIRT
  • Positive vote on standardizing eRCP at the OSGi Alliance
  • Project Roadmap Process
  • Japanese Localization of Bugzilla
  • Positive vote on dual Licensing (EPL and EDL) for the embedded runtime components in RTSC and TM.
  • Eclipse Strategy discussion

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