Javascript and C++, eh?

I can’t get my mind off of Dave Thomas’s keynote at Eclipse Summit
Europe. His words made so many things crystallize in my mind. I’ve
stated many times before in this blog and in my day job, I hate Java.
It’s an incredible irony that I do my day to day coding in Java to
support developers who focus so much on efficiency and performance and
use C mainly to accomplish that with a sprinkling of C++ for good
measure. And then to hear their constant complaints that Eclipse is too
slow. My good friends in Java VM land tell me not to blame Java for
that, but you know, it’s so tempting.

mentioned that applications should be written in C++ and JavaScript. I
dunno. C++ has it’s difficulties, there is no doubt. It’s hard to write
good C++ programs. That’s why the mix with JavaScript made me think.
Does it make sense to build an application where your hard core
performance focused code and code that interfaces with the underlying
system is written in C++, but all the code that manages interactions
with the user is done in JavaScript?

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