J2ME? Why?

I was just reading the slides presented from the kick-off meeting
of the Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group. I believe this is the
first working group at Eclipse and I think it's a great concept. Bring
groups of companies together that are interested in the same or similar
technologies and do some planning. Hopefully that will result in new
investments in various Eclipse projects.

Anyway, one of the
examples of work environments shown was for a J2ME developer. The first
thing that jumped into my head, and of course I'm writing this entry
without thinking more so I may come off a bit misinformed here but hey
I'm just the dumb C++ guy, but who cares about J2ME any more? With the
rich mobile development environments provided with Android, the iPhone,
the new Palm Pre, and even Qt for mobile devices, why would you do J2ME
development any more. Isn't there much more opportunity for greater
riches writing apps for these new and wildly popular environments?

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