Introducing VxWorks Altera Arria 10 SoC Support


VxWorks now supports the Altera Arria 10 SoC and the video below shows a demonstration of the Wind River WorkBench LivePatch capability on the Altera Arria 10. This demo demonstrates how software engineers can effortlessly change the code that is executing on their target. This helps them debug difficult scenarios as well as develop patches while debugging speeding their development efforts.

The Altera Arria 10 is the newest FPGA from Altera’s line of low power FPGAs targeted at markets such as wireless, wireline, military, broadcast, and other end markets. The Arria 10 is an SoC that combines a dual core ARM Cortex A9 as a hard processor system (HPS) with a powerful 20nm FPGA fabric, which provides customers with both the flexibility of the ARM Cortex A9s and the power of programmable logic technology of the FPGA.

You can try out VxWorks on the Altera Arria 10 SoC by downloading the BSP here.

The video is here and uses LivePatch.