How to Improve Cybersecurity Using Simulation

How to Improve Cybersecurity Using Simulation

System simulation isn’t necessarily new. The technology has been around and is well tested, even if many systems developers still are dragging their feet to adopt. Improving quality by shifting left the verification and validation tasks is a proven use case, and one that has seen growing interest as agile development processes increase in use.

For many, the pandemic and its aftermath have put a squeeze on supply chains, whether that be silicon, boards, or other devices. Its tough to test without hardware, or enough hardware, though here again is a great use case for simulation technologies.

Ratcheting up productivity by automating and parallelizing testing, and experimenting with the impact of hardware, software, and platform configurations are even more compelling use cases for simulation.

But we have another simulation use case for consideration: improving cybersecurity. Mike Thompson is a research associate with the Naval Postgraduate School and lead developer on some pretty cool tools for vulnerability analysis. He’s innovated an approach to cybertesting that leverages the strengths of full system simulation, and best of all, he’s willing to share his insights.

We’ve got Mike paired up with Wind River’s Hans Weggeman, a Field Application Engineer with his own bundle of cyber experience, for a webinar titled “Improving Cybertesting through Full System Simulation” that will run live on Tuesday, May 9 at 11:00 AM ET. You can register over on Military + Aerospace Electronics.  If you can’t make the live time, register anyway and we’ll be sure you get the link to the recording.

We hope to see you then.