I could have had a V8, oh wait, I do

I've always been intrigued by programming languages and what makes them
tick, and what is the best one for what situation. That's why Dave
Thomas's keynote at ESE still has me thinking about the mix of
JavaScript and C++. So much so that I spent a few hours this weekend
while waiting out the snow storm to get Google's V8 JavaScript VM building under MinGW for Wascana.
I think it would be an intriguing addition to have the VM DLL available
for developers using Wascana. With a few changes, I have it building
and passing the unit tests and I have a patch into the V8 project. I'll
make V8 available in the Wascana 1.0 alpha in the next couple of days.

that I have it, I have to ask myself – what the heck do you do with it?
I've thought about building wrappers for the wxWidgets library to let
you build thick client apps in JavaScript. wxWidgets also comes with
Wascana, and thick client apps is kinda what Wascana is all about
(aside from dreams of using it for game development, which could also
benefit from a fast JavaScript engine).

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