I am not a Web Designer

always feel out of my element when I have to design a webpage. Sure, I
can use an HTML editor just as good as the next person, but designing
site usability and flow is another matter. Recently I came across an
inexpensive product called Mockups,
which as its name suggests is a mockup program for designing websites.
The product is ridiculously simple to use, and it produces conceptual
mockups of pages:

like the whiteboard look because it keeps you from stressing about the
details (fonts, colors, icons, etc.) and helps you concentrate on the
big picture. You can try it out
online. It runs on Adobe AIR, and you can use the desktop version
offline. The main feature I wish it had is the ability to make the
links in a mockup jump to other mockups. This would be very helpful in
making a dynamic mockup of site flow. Still, it’s a nice tool.

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