Helix Device Cloud Showcases its Versatility at IDF 2016

Helix Device Cloud Showcases its Versatility at IDF 2016


At the Intel Developer Conference this week, we announced the latest version of our IoT Device Management Platform, Helix Device Cloud. To mark the occasion, several groups created real-life use case demonstrations of Device Cloud in action. The wide range of examples allowed viewers to really relate it to their own IOT development and envision how they could best leverage Device Cloud to take advantage of the potential value made possible by better device management utilization.

In the Intel IoT Pavilion, Bolt Motorbikes as mentioned in the Fortune Magazine article, maker of an all-electric, cloud-connected bicycle, drew crowds showing how they use Device Cloud to capture, track, and analyze data. Bikers can be alerted to low battery life, low tire pressure, or changes in traffic patterns. Add in the fleet management functionality that Device Cloud adds and suddenly an army of bikes can be made more efficient, tracking route patterns, better understanding proactive maintenance needs, and adding security/location tracking functionality.

Also in the IoT Pavilion, we demonstrated Device Cloud in the factory. Historically, technicians would perform routine diagnostic inspections and preventive maintenance on equipment to avert failure. Costly and labor-intensive, failures still occur with this model. By collecting machine data, decisions can be made based on the condition of equipment in the field and technicians alerted when a problem needs to be addressed. This demo highlighted how maintenance can be real-time, dependable, secure, and truly predictive.

Wind River partner, SAS, showcased real time streaming analytics with a demo that collected sensor readings from multiple locations in the convention center and allowed real time analysis of the data. By combining analytics at the edge with centralized historical data, technicians can take advantage of immediate real-time action, machine to machine, operational decision making, visualization on large amounts of big data from streaming sensor data and events flowing into your business at high speed with ability to act instantly before data is stored or becomes obsolete. This becomes particularly important in settings, from connected cars to smart grid, where critical decisions need to be made quickly.

CyberTAN Technology, Inc. combined with Accelerite, AWS, Intel and Wind River, created a smart home solution. The customer could leverage the platform for a wide range of smart home functionality offerings, such as security and fire services, remote monitoring and arming delivering home security, with a proximity sensor, remote door-locking mechanism, and thermostat.

From bikes to factories to smart buildings and homes, Helix Device Cloud has the versatility to quickly, securely, and efficiently unlock the data from your machines. So many ideal use cases exist, I look forward to IDF 2017 to see what Device Cloud use cases we can uncover next.