Gremlin Free Zone

Gremlin Free Zone


I recently conducted a live demo of our Wind River Titanium Server product during one of SDNCentral’s DemoFridays.  This was a great way to reach a wide and highly relevant audience (and save time traveling to several dozen customer sites).  How appropriate too that we were using cloud technologies and wide area networking to show case an NFV focused product!

The demo itself was anchored around ETSI NFV Proof of Concept (PoC) #22, worked jointly between Wind River, Brocade and HP.

A comprehensive, VNF-ready software platform, Titanium Server is a carrier grade NFVi software solution that is designed to meet the stringent six 9s or “always on” requirements of the telecom industry.

As anyone who has ever delivered a live demo knows, gremlins work hard to find a way to “participate” in the event, wreaking havoc for the presenter.  I’m happy to say Titanium Server’s Carrier Grade capabilities kept all the gremlins at bay, making my work easy and enabling me to focus on the many features of the system.  If you’re interested in NFV and haven’t had a chance to learn what Titanium Server is all about, a full recording of the demo is now available, providing a quick and easy way to see the product in action! Check it out here.