Fun with RSE

I love my home office setup. I still have an @work office that I go to,
but with an Autistic son who’s home schooled, I never know when I need
to work at home for a day or two so it’s good to have something setup
so I can continue working when I do. In the office, I have a TV which
I’m using to watch the great baseball playoffs happening right now and
I’ll watch hockey whenever I get the chance too. And while doing that,
I get to play on my laptop, like writing here in this blog.

any rate, tonight I thought I’d try hooking together the virtual
machines running in my Windows environment. One is qemu running my
simulated OpenConsole thing to which I’ll be adding OpenGL support. The
other is VirtualBox running a desktop version running the same distro,
i.e. Debian, where I’ll be building the device driver and app
prototypes. VirtualBox has nicer desktop control than plain qemu.

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